The Darkness of Your Likeliness

I see you through my naked skull...


6 responses to “The Darkness of Your Likeliness

  1. “I see you through my naked skull”

    Very interesting…. it could mean you see metaphorically the light beneath the dark clouds of depression and darkness. For better words a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    The title “the darkness of your likeliness” is also very intriguing and makes me think….many things …..I’m I dark like you? A twin of darkness, of dark images of very real things or thoughts that are shared? Ideas of two people thinking alike – the likeliness….

    Love it 🙂

    I’m missing your writting though, I would love to read more soon. (no pressure) 😉

    • Aah Bella I wish I could keep you in my back pocket so that I could reach for you when the world turned against me – definitely not to oppress your natural bling. Of course you would notice that I haven’t written in a while, its been a heavy week and it takes me a while to digest them which means I will vomit pretty soon…wait for it…

  2. Haha! A heavy week, I know all about it with American thanksgiving just ending (thank GOD!)

    I too wish I could be in your back pocket, I do not believe I have a natural bling (almost the contrary I think), although I enjoy the thought/image of me being BLING BLING (hehe)….I’m simply living the way that I feel and trying to better myself and hopefully share my world (and hopefully one day) be understood by others [mostly from the one I love the most]

    I will be waiting (un)patiently by the screen for your words….I’m always intrigued and delighted to see it pop up in my email box. 😉

    take care my friend

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