Nine Gems & I

A living thing blesses my soul in nine different ways,

Shimmering change courses through my being waking me from a daze,

One is her face that is of an exquisite beauty made so simple,

Like a diamond trickle on a smooth surface imagined by the most crushing wisdom,

Emphasised not just a little by intensely youthful eyes that glower like orbs,

Or flowering spores soaking in the natural world while penetrating through their unique form,

Able to absorb the magnetic draw of her luscious gravity defying smile,

Another is her style that flickers in the wind over powering my senses and blowing my mind,

Releasing wild fiery rebel stars that align the galaxy in chaos that my heart cherishes,

With every glimmer she embellishes something of a life lived directly through colourful memories,

Fantasies in sacred territories her visions are clear as I share them,

Tethered to her nightingale flare I soar through a reel of gold tinted self-fulfilling dreams,

How this feels is the third thing that allows my shadow to dance free,

Escaping me at those very moments when I am supposed to feel fear from remembering,

A past that’s temporary ever changing with the focus she brings so tempering,

Without attempting I could slumber for days and forget my search for meaning,

The fourth thing revealing that beliefs in deeper reasoning never quite left me,

The best of me defined in relation to her ebb and flow that just so infectiously lets me be,

Gently like a desire met unexpectedly at the height of widespread drought,

Can’t figure her out no not even nearly if I dared to try with a certainty beyond doubt,

This is ours this mystery that shrouds our entwined cosmic lives,

Thing number five is how we both suddenly realise that this is what we have waited for,

Since way before either one of us learned how to cradle the cries,

Something wrenching inside as the spirit always voicelessly demanded more and more,

Syrupy feelings pour through the cold veins beneath the layers of scars and scabs,

Everything I ever had now seems so minute like a puzzle piece to a garden on an open hand,

The way it was so unplanned is the sixth thing that has me so puffed up glad,

Innocence clad for once I can claim true naivety at the fateful slaughtering of this lamb,

Thus I am blissfully unaware of what it is that I am supposed to have,

Not so bad not even in the slightest she brings a warmth that settles me down,

Forgetting how at times I never knew how to let go,

There’s nothing though that I could ever take for granted about all of this,

What I resist is the seventh thing that I count in its wholeness,

I don’t need to be told this that she is a rare thing like an open hole in the sky,

Through which angels die and become forlorn lovers,

Above all others she rises in my sights like a sun never set on setting,

Unsettling a spell bound moon transfixed by its own waxing antithesis,

Our rhythm steadily increases to the thumping sound of magnetic attraction,

Consumed by our passion its hunter stalking hunter in a way that belies us both,

It is what has become exposed in us the eighth thing that has me staggering and on the wire,

 Naked and on fire I can no longer hide in this space that had become so hollow,

I can no longer wallow in the blasting winds of the screaming that had rendered me barely sane,

Love’s bane they’ve found me a special place,

Her body and its shape is the ninth thing that makes every inch of me burn,

She’s one endless curve brown and silky I just want to lie there,

Without a care except feeling what she feels and breathing her nightmares away,

Night and day like this is what I have earned,

Sharing what I have learned for whatever it is worth…



Your Eyes they drink me, swallow me they do,

Looking at me with such curiosity like I’ve never felt,

It’s true – the depth of you invites me to leer,

Bending wildly towards you and nothing else,

Without fear – nothing is clear but that’s the way we are,

Found here at a time that’s impossible and in a way that’s marvellous,

From afar – a star I see like you were never not there,

Like you were always right under my skin a natural part of this,

So fair – what you share puts us all on a floating pedestal,

Absolute bliss – the hopes of a kiss would steal the very best of us,

But we trust – and thus we give in to plain old ridicule…