Space Black

Black shimmering shining bold,

The stuff of space, wonderment, the untold,

Absorbing, mesmerizing,

The unconscious bleeding, releasing its passionate soul,


Black glimmering tidings lo,

To love with haste, befuddlement, its cold,

Scorching, tantalizing,

Unworldliness seeping, sleeping in a black hole,


Silver rivulets galaxies fused,

Visions in darkness, remarkable, yet obtuse,

Weightless, patient,

Liberating egos, there goes the junk of broken rules,


Silver tidbits fallacies to choose,

Decisions seem harmless, improbable you lose,

Shapeless, latent,

Dilapidating hero, with zero clue to the unspoken dues…




Dead Nation

The skeletons of the sick decay, bodies dead from living a wretched life,

Skin broken, hair faint and dry, threading bare on a dichotomous continuum.

Watch them as they rattle and shuffle by day, wheeze and leak by night,

Only somehow forgetting to die, as if unaware of something following them.

Degrees of regret catch them as they fade, there beyond out of ageless sight,

Brushed by the tails of hopes that fly, dashed intrigues of salvation sovereign.

Nobody knows where they stay, even though everybody sees their strife,

 So desperate there are no more tears to cry, pities or shames worth bothering.

Stone eyed they glare back with nothing to say, muted by their plight,

Without the killer instinct to even try, their lingering insufferable and ominous.

Caricatures in a forcibly makeshift play, in an otherwise perfect world of delight,

 Like shadows cast out by the sky, their dying just doesn’t seem part of this.

Skeleton In The Mirror

A skeleton man stands before a mirror,

Tall, hunched, dry and empty,

Looking at what he thinks he sees,

A reflection, fleeting, a resemblance,

Something disturbed in the thread, beautifully,

Touched without feeling it shudders,

An echo of a self, a living death, grasping,

Frail, leaving no impression on others,

Through the cracks in the glass, a crooked grin,

Casting an ironic sliver of regret, neglect tasted,

A white shadow that cannot relate, bent,

On a spectrum tipped badly, sometimes lived, ill-fated,

A learned pose that bares the bony shoulders,

A pageant intrigue, morbid at best,

The slim vanity lost in the design of the set,

A tragedy, a bravely dressed mess,

Reality, as it is, for it is, thus,

Bones, hard, white and unpolished,

What they don’t see, it sees, less,

Blindly and yet naively astonished…


Lived As Is

Lived as is, is as lived

Strings of ties, ties of strings

Things have come, come have things

Long have felt, felt and longed


All is not voiced, a voice is not all

Silence is relieving, relieving is silence

Kindness knows karma, karma is kindness

The devils are beaten, the beaten are devils

 Death creeping on people, people creeping on death

Sleep taken, taken by sleep

Feeling what you think, thinking what you feel

Deep, deep…