Hanging on to Hope’s Coat Tails

Holding on to hope’s coat tails,

Dragging though the dust,

Boldly coping while all else fails,

 Candidly out of luck,

In the shadows of something that has not been,

 A deftly forged dream,

In the hallowed nothing of the unseen,

Adeptly bored with the serene,

The open doors of a shut past abandoned,

 Creak from somewhere nearby,

The unspoken laws of trust asked and imagined,

Bleak and rare they apply,

Falsified brave ties of wondered whys,

Echo endlessly with the cries of open eyes,

  Classified faced blind the plundered die,

Letting go messily of lies spoken live,

Searching with a doused lamp in a musty cellar,

They find some singing bones,

Lurking in an underground camp of its crusty dweller,

A kind of thinking is honed,

The shredded rags of fashioned wars divide,

Like cancerous cells deep inside,

Embedded as the passion that pours meanwhile,

 Like hazardous smells of beasts that died,

Years put together like puzzle pieces,

Juxtaposed young and old simultaneously,

Un-preferred yet remembered the brain muscle releases,

All that was supposed clung to the folds ostentatiously,

Sinister harmonies played on strings,

The same ones that animate the characters,

Administered horribly age brings,

Displayed loves decapitated haters,

Peering along the line to the end,

Bobbing heads swaying in the gust,

Appearing gone with time that’s lent,

Sobbing extends allaying the disgust,

A feeble clutch a snatch that faded,

A single and final attempt at decency,

As people touch they catch what they’ve hated,

They mingle suicidal in the effect of leniency,

Ragged and gagged and yet stirring with intent,

As if something could be done about the shells in the nest,

Tagged and bagged still erring and cannot relent,

Just fumbling in the sun compelled by the conquest,

A mistake a being a consequence of existence,

Shapes what happens from here on out,

It takes some freeing from confidence or persistence,

For escapes from caverns of fear or doubt,

Hanging flinching from a thread,

The last steps in the dance,

Mangled contradictions of the living dead,

The past gets lost in chance…


Love Abuse

Love fondled me impetuously, with a thick hairy hand,

Slave to desires, Love’s undisciplined will had me,

Young I was,

Bad – I am dirty.

Took me away from everything before I could even understand,

Pulled me hard, pushed in deep, my naivety…gently,

 Undone without even a buzz,

Sad – I am empty.

Love knew me well, trusted her I did…with all I had,

Awkward, coming of age…she watched me,

Through warped eyes,

Damn – I tempted.

Blame me guilty…filthy stench…everything was damp,

It was slow…blank…my body responded kindly,

Love’s kindness is lies,

I am – rejected?

Love’s friends held me down impolitely, it was…all planned,

Romance turned my head, Fantasy somewhere behind me,

They would later try to apologise,

I cramped – infected.

Laughter…smiles…grunts…tears in the sand,

At least some of us had…a good time…blindly,

Growing up in a single moment…time flies,

Slaughtered lambs – lamented.



How much of a difference is made with words,

Simple words that are not laid down in any significant pattern,

So that they don’t have any agenda, with nothing to hide or even turn,

Out there with a gentle force that can’t be denied merely because they matter,

Spoken words expressed in simple trust,

If they were expressed any better they would be the real thing,

The actual feelings they try convey emphatically with a special touch,

And the thoughts they communicate with a veiled confusion as one thinks,

Wouldn’t they just be the very essence of existence,

Closing the gap between what was desired and what actually happened,

Bringing together one to the other with minimal resistance,

Connecting the inner most worlds to the outer most hopes so rapid,

The words dangling like icicles from the most neglected and cavernous minds,

In time their most potent use forgotten like weapons for wars badly imagined,

In sad moments they are remembered for their strength, their guile, their size,

But all of that means nothing if they are not spoken with openness exacted…

Let A Little Bit Of Today Into Your Life

It seems every where I look these days I am reminded of life’s fragility and how imperative it is to appreciate the small things in life. As a look around me with a child’s innocent concern I am reminded of how easily time can slip away from us and leave us yearning for more. Loved ones are lost through death or circumstance, life fortunes change at the blink of an eye and before you know it you have changed without ever taking the time to reflect on it. Each day is spent counting the many losses, hurts and pains and trying to make sense of things ungoverned by reason. The other time is spent making plans, repeating promises and resolutions about the future and trying to gain control of a life designed to spin in overlapping cycles.

All of this leaves very little time to spend in the present, in the here and now, in the thickest part of your life. Where would the relevance of life be if there was no time to be spent in the present? A life with very little time spent in the present is a sad one indeed. It doesn’t allow for growth, living or fulfillment. It is like an empty echo in an abandoned castle. Life is all about living in the here and now, being able to fully express one’s self in the present regardless of what has come before and what lies ahead. It takes a certain maturity to be able to move on from the past, whether things are good or bad, and it takes a special kind of living wisdom to be able to accept the nature of the future and be undisturbed by it.

Life these days is teaching me how to be more appreciative of the things I normally take for granted. I am reminded each and every day just how special I am by virtue of being alive, and how each moment is an opportunity to do something amazing. And amazing doesn’t have to be something out of this world or overly spectacular. Amazing is as simple as acknowledging my special place in this world and being grateful for all of life. Today, right now, I take this moment to acknowledge myself, my spirit and my Creator and express my sincere gratitude for life, love and opportunity. My life is filled with growing richness that I aim to spread to all those I come in contact with. It is my goal to make others see their own potential and reach the aims they aspire to, and feel the true glory of the God they believe in…

See something where there is nothing...