A Poem For A Lost Father

Colourless threads dangle in the blustery winds of time, dancing with no rhythm,

Foolishly like the blind mimicking those with a simple wisdom, reflected,

They shimmer with a boldness or shiver from the coldness, connected,

They cast no shadows in my mind,

But hide what I cannot find,

I’ve cried.


Watching falling crystal rivers from mountains climbed, like romantics unforgiven,

 Following their ways I’ve bathed fully naked in love pools of crimson, infected,

A boy learning about the world made coy by all the girls, rejected,

Nothing ever died,

Not even pride,


Lost in a blaze of stars at times a gift at times a crime, tortured by indecision,

Dreaming philosophy until reality tends towards the whimsical, dejected,

A father taken by death but he didn’t bother to try his best, tempted,

A blaming son felt he lived a lie,

From here I’ve criticized,

Safely on the living side.

Crumbling abstractions and hollow hopes give way to the sublime, self is forgiven,

Age cradles the heart and gives a sword to the victim, repented,

Holding on to faith and soldiering on like a sage, majestic,

I see what life means through his eyes,

Our fates still finely tied,

He makes me wise.



Shadow Love

A Dark Angel raids my Dreams seeking something Real

Grasping at what appears her Heart is gripped by Themes,

Feeling as she seems the Savage Love appeal

Gasping at what disappears she is forced to be horrifyingly genteel,

Against a Nature of a specific kind not sure what she will find

She risks losing her Mind all the while with a Pleasurable Smile,

For her style tells tales of Something Wild

Like a flower to the blind enjoyed with the powers from inside,


She makes me feel Alive without any Reason to think I will die

Like I’m walking the Fine Line between the Divine and a Perfectly Told Lie,

Flying through a Silver Sky with a grip on Time

Mesmerised by her sly Eyes knowing that she is undeniably mine,


Or maybe not quite for she is as free as she likes

Always just out of sight like a Tantalising Delight,

Prepared for any fight with Bone Crunching Feminine Might

I am not even contrite to admit she is what I like and more with a bite,


Ferocious is our interaction like the release of Forbidden Passion

With the promise of satisfaction who has time to count every action,

Every scene has a Rosy Caption like True Art that becomes a Fashion

When tension becomes relaxing you know there is Perfect Attraction,

From far or from close we never have to suppose

For it is as if we both know even before our desire shows,

Before we shed our Clothes and expose Everything that from within flows

We sense a High Dose of Something that will explode once we are close,

But will I survive the impact and will my Vision still be in tact

I’m in a Surreal World without a map unable to separate Fiction from Fact,

Will she emphatically fill the Gap where my Reality sorely lacks

In this World so exact answers never come in the very First Act…

A Cold Lonely Place

In a cold lonely place,

High up in the mountains just a few confessions below the heavens,

A forest, populated with the ancient forms of redwoods,

A stillness permeates everything, a stillness so precise,

So vast and so unintentional,

It makes the mind wonder beyond its own mechanism,

There in the nothingness lies a cottage,

Tucked away like an unspoken wish,


In a corner between the thatched roof and the stone wall,

A spider web glistens like seasonal adornments,

Betraying its purpose as it looks inviting,

Beautiful, still, undisturbed,

A fire burns intensely in the fire place,

Devouring logs with a sizzling enthusiasm,

The cottage is lit with a golden glow,

Illuminating the most obvious things while hiding others,

Cracks on the wall, dust on the floor, mist on the windows,

Like the whispered secrets of the ghosts of loved ones,

There is an otherness outside but an enchanted presence inside,

The skinned corpse of a rabbit hangs from the beams of the roof,

Still dripping the last scarlet drops of blood, metallic in smell,

Animated shadows dance softly in the gloom,

Making it seem like the rabbit still twitches,

With the last bit of life,

Lifeless it can only sway with the gentle breeze,

In the air another smell, wild herbs picked only that morning,

Baking bread in the oven,

With an all consuming aroma,

Like cherished memories, with the taste of forever,

Outside is another world,

Inside is a bizarrely pleasant peace,

An indescribable feeling, a powerful place…

Run Little Tin Man Run

Run little tin man run,

Nobody here knows you or even sees you,

You are far from anything you ever knew,

And yet you are nowhere,

Like a faint song in the wind,

A song of loss not even strong enough to create an echo,

Run little tin man run,

I hear your little footsteps like a constant stream of falling pins,

Falling messily and painfully almost hurting themselves,

Your wobbly knees won’t get you far,

Too burdened,

Too weak,

Hear them squeak,

A shredded shadow in your wake,

Behind you,

A path of broken promises,

As you run, run, run far away from nothing,

The doubt creating lumps in every breath that you take,

The un-kept secrets heavy in the breaths that you exhale,

Your falsehood will suffocate you,

You will be discovered and stoned to death,

They won’t mourn you,

 Remember you or even notice your absence,

You aren’t real,

You erased your birth home,

Your identity is a delightful fabrication,

Now you seek,

 Forever seeking an unobtainable goal,

A dream,

 A delusion,

A nightmare,

Run little tin man run,

 They are coming,

The voices,

The voices with their sharp teeth,

And the birds with the endless wings,

The horizons with their poisoned and dying suns,

The beginning and the end,

Run little tin man run,


Versatile Blogger Nomination

I would like to thank all of you who nominated me for this auspicious award (you know who you are) it has been an absolute pleasure and a humbling experience being able to share and engage with all of you. I apologise for responding to this so late, I am a bit slow on the uptake and didn’t realise the appropriate protocol. I genuinely hope all of you win, of those of you that I nominate, as I am truly inspired by what you write and share on your blogs.

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

~ Thank the blogger who nominated you.

~ Share 7 random things about yourself.

~ Add the versatile blogger award on your blog.

~ Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

~ Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

Okay.  7 random things, eh?  In no particular order:

1)  I love listening to Queen when I feel like singing and dancing (rather badly) by myself.

2)  I can read palms.

3)  I remember people’s birthdays better than their first names.

4)  I still haven’t seen James Cameron’s Titanic.

5)  I once saw thirty three shooting stars in one year.

6)  I love reading books while lying in bed on my stomache with a illow propping up my chest and with the duvet cover pulled all the way over my head.

7)  I own a pair of red skinny jeans.

The fifteen blogs I nominate are:

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2)  ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ http://justsimplyinlove.wordpress.com

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