I am fascinated with the human condition; how people think, feel and behave and how they gain meaning from that and how they ultimately relate to other people. We live in a world of strangers and yet we share so much and become from being in contact with others. We also find ourselves feeling like complete strangers to ourselves through some of the things we do not understand about ourselves, our experiences and the life lessons that shape our realities. This truly captivates me making what to leanr more and understand, and yet the more I try the more I seem to be exposed to how little I understand. I am never deterred though, for that is my mission – to follow, learn about and understand the human condition. I hope you will journey with me…


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  1. Hi. I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award, and you were one of the five blogs I wished to pass the award along to! You can read more about it on my blog.
    ~ Sirenia ~

  2. Thank you for liking my recent post. I too, have a passion to understand people and their behaviours in different social settings, and within the universe.

  3. You have an excellent blog. I love your poetry! By the way, I discovered your blog through Joe2Poetry’s most recent blog post.

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog today. Keep up the good work!

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