Sailing Across a Sea of Dreams


Sailing across a sea of dreams,

Where everything possible glitters and shimmers,

Upon violet waters where time seems to be still in constant dawning…


Tides swell and carry me forth,

I rouse in their rhythms with a daintiness that flatters,

Squinting unperturbed at that which is my heart’s eternal yearning…


My strings are pulled taunt,

The sails forcibly flapping as winds chime through my veins,

Mastered to attention I head unsighted with promise that in itself is rewarding…


I carve a path where fleets have sunk,

The froth of the waters splashed across my wrinkled bows,

I will see no reason or heed no warning while my passion is burning…


The brewing storm couldn’t even quell,

Douse my fires or completely obscure my path to her,

I’m lost on these perilous waters and yet still I feel no reason for worth turning…


Back to lands that have been scorched to a cinder,

Memories of slain hopes that now fertilise the roots of understanding,

There’s nothing there that is not dead weight to be thrown overboard in this process of unlearning…


I will never learn it seems,

Or be free of these dreams that keep me afloat,

So until I too sink I will always be seafaring with this love that I’m serving…