Spirit Free

Out of the box, unwrapped, free,

A gift of a spirit with mile long wings,

Stretching, reaching for time untold,

Just being what being is ultimately about,

Uncensored, spoken and thought, allowed to be,

The mirthful sound of a nightingale when it sings,

Naturally releasing its being, expressing, shining bold,

Opening the universe, touching everything within sound…



The blood is spilling, drip, drip,

There’s a broken faucet somewhere down below,

In the basement of the house with no windows,

It looks like a punctured heart, snip, snip,

Against the paling skin the rivulets flow,

Spurting veins, writhing insipidly as strength goes,

The paint on the walls is peeling, scratch, scratch,

Creaks in the stairway, a feint howling in the ceiling,

Madness, a body forgetting itself, fading, abandoned,

The lights no longer flickering, lapse, lapse,

 Drying brains exposed, tinkered, confused with feeling,

Dusty tangled cobwebs in the corners, ugly and candid,

There’s something in the coagulating pool, splash, splash,

There in the dark with the dead insects and vermin bloated,

Submerged, leaden, skulking, heavy with its purpose,

Discarded reels of burdening memories, flash, flash,

Permeating this afterlife, like the debris floating,

On still tides, timeless, lifeless, on both sides of the surface,


Brick faced, closed eyes, feeling nothing,

Nothing but the stinging of incessant thoughts buzzing,

Buzzing from a hive, inside, with something else,

Else pollinating the flowers? Bouquets for funerals? Crying helps,

Helps spill the poison, kill the noise, voicing,

Voicing the unspoken written on the face, spoiling,

Spoiling, start pealing, scarred, crusty, revealing through cracks,

Cracks on the forehead, chin, cranium, strike of an axe,

Axe murders, self-inflicted, hurt us like instincts,

Instincts to strike, laugh, hard, bite from a distance,

Distance just physics, nothing, like the feelings,

Feelings missing, vapour on the windows, dreaming,

Dreaming of a monster, reflection in the mirror, horror,

Horror untold, naked in the cold, dumped, romantic fodder,

Fodder for lustful beasts, hungry, they have not eaten,

Eaten enough, of me bleeding, retreating beaten,

Beaten with my own dried out arms, hardened palms, calm,

Calm before the rain storm of the crumbling façade, alarm,

Alarm, alarm, something has gone wrong,

Wrong, the bomb’s defused but she’s still gone…

Pancake Face

Pancake face, pancake face, smile, smile

They look at you wondering how you do it,

Show them that the world is as it is,

And yet somehow configured of your jolliness,

The firmament to a some times sad reality,

Pancake face, pancake face, touch them with your being

Make them see that all is but a dream that shifts and spills,

Colourful, wonderful, like floating bubbles, your laughter,

Tickles, causing ripples that  make it all okay…