Kiss Loss Kicked Tossed

Dripping ink think blots,

Dipping sink in thick blots,

Synching links miss dots,

Thinking shrinks in tip spots,

Missing slips pips lost,

Shifting mists kissed lots,

Kissed lots? Kiss locked,

Kiss loss, kicked tossed…


At the Edge of Gone Forever

At the edge of gone forever,

On the shimmering back of an aging horizon,

A memory floats gently bopping to an indistinct rhythm,

Far, far away and further still,

From where it once held meaning at least to one,

Once un-swayed, tethered to the safe harbour of the heart,

It’s now free like the gulls silhouetted,

Little inverted smiles flying, flying almost motionless,

Like etched shadows in the fading light deceiving the crying eye,

Swelling waters all around flex,

Deeper than any mawkishness past felt indeed,

In the vacated vastness twinkling thought trajectories travel,

Guiding as the stars, solemn in their brevity,

Yet always suggesting an ambiguous cycle without end,

Round and round, again and again, one but wonders what is change?




Well drop splash,

Into the hollow below,

A deeper puddle of viscous sorrow,

Dark attuned eyes that never move ogle,

Like footprints you shouldn’t follow,

Unwelcoming as an echoed hello,

Ruffling a haunted past,

Languid ripples soul shallow,

Something decayed a tainted tomorrow,

Reeks of a stillness that threatens a life so noble,

But broken bones surely would not know,

Marinating as they are so low,

In a soup in need of a dash,

Of something the will has in stow,

Within damp walls where wind can’t blow,

There remain unmoved like a stupefied yokel,

Seeing only a cylindrical sky with no glow,

Yes indeed you did fall although,

You shouldn’t tell when aksed…