Shadow Love

A Dark Angel raids my Dreams seeking something Real

Grasping at what appears her Heart is gripped by Themes,

Feeling as she seems the Savage Love appeal

Gasping at what disappears she is forced to be horrifyingly genteel,

Against a Nature of a specific kind not sure what she will find

She risks losing her Mind all the while with a Pleasurable Smile,

For her style tells tales of Something Wild

Like a flower to the blind enjoyed with the powers from inside,


She makes me feel Alive without any Reason to think I will die

Like I’m walking the Fine Line between the Divine and a Perfectly Told Lie,

Flying through a Silver Sky with a grip on Time

Mesmerised by her sly Eyes knowing that she is undeniably mine,


Or maybe not quite for she is as free as she likes

Always just out of sight like a Tantalising Delight,

Prepared for any fight with Bone Crunching Feminine Might

I am not even contrite to admit she is what I like and more with a bite,


Ferocious is our interaction like the release of Forbidden Passion

With the promise of satisfaction who has time to count every action,

Every scene has a Rosy Caption like True Art that becomes a Fashion

When tension becomes relaxing you know there is Perfect Attraction,

From far or from close we never have to suppose

For it is as if we both know even before our desire shows,

Before we shed our Clothes and expose Everything that from within flows

We sense a High Dose of Something that will explode once we are close,

But will I survive the impact and will my Vision still be in tact

I’m in a Surreal World without a map unable to separate Fiction from Fact,

Will she emphatically fill the Gap where my Reality sorely lacks

In this World so exact answers never come in the very First Act…


6 responses to “Shadow Love

  1. wow there are so many great lines here, but the ending is so telling and not.

    “Will she emphatically fill the Gap where my Reality sorely lacks
    In this World so exact answers never come in the very First Act…”

    the first line is so ….. I’m almost speachless – asking this dark angle to be so strong and daring for the one who labeles himself with empty hands….

    perhaps he does have more than he thinks, he is just not brave enough to use it to his advantage…or use what he does have to make up for the lacking.

    the last line leaving everything up to mystery for the readers…a tease, for a better word. 😉

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious to see how this unfolds – to witness these two passionate lovers make love work in the second act for them.

    It also leaves me questioning and almost impatiently angered that I do not know how many acts there are –

    -also the absurdities of the dreamer refusing to make reality work for both of them – despite his intense passion for her is overwhelminingly painful….with these words describing their interactions together it seems like they are a most perfect match!!!…I wonder what his reality is lacking, perhaps some courage?

    • I wish I could tell you that this story had a happy ending in the subsequent Acts but alas I cannot. I wrote this about sixteen months ago at a time when I was stressed, confused and in desperate need of some intimacy of whatever kind. The woman in the poem was a woman who came on to me and I had no business even continuing to converse with her. I eventually allowed things to happen between us and immediately regretted it for many reasons. one of those reasons was that I knew that I only wrote this poem to impress her and drive things towards us being intimate with each other. It was the first time ever that I wrote a poem for somebody I didn’t have any feelings for, all i felt was lust and I think it shows in the poem. i do not enjoy reading this poem because of how I was feeling when I wrote it and it some how seems simple, the rhyming is a bit much and the outcome of it was just worse. Whenever I read it I am left with a sense of I should have known better but that is the bitch of retrospection. In all honesty I think because things didn’t work out well I have come to not appreciate the poem for what it is. Thanks for engaing Bella, I really appreciate it…

    • Aah the following Acts unfortunately weren’t as poetic or intriguing and I never found the heart to pen them down. Thanks for engaging with this particular piece which I always felt wasn’t one of my greatest…

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