damage by the #numbers

as kind as a tall stranger

i dare not look twice,

an invite from ill fate,

paints twice the damage,

an odd something in the confines,

never at ease not once,

best forgotten like the niggles,

that once were a pain,

vague notions in the air,

four times like seasons,

make a year worth dreaming,

the fourth in a square,

i complete my stand,

from under my top ten,

still counting blind,

but get ten out of ten,

crush chalk with my teeth,

white lies took a third,

made spit with pencil lead,

with two thirds i couldn’t focus,

a black star in a black night,

still nobody’s zero,

got habits to cull,

until i amount to naught,

always against childhood,

i feel like i’m coming second,

a race until the end,

my worst is second best,

nobody is even watching,

one in five can’t even listen,

don’t need to know the half,

a glass with five is empty,

life is a purring stretch,

ask the cat with nine lives,

its often torn down the middle,

without a stitch its suicide of nine,

they’ll invite you to a feast,

its off to seventh heaven,

skinny friends beware,

binging on the seven deadly sins,

at least one’s spoilt for choice,

i’m already down to six,

but nobody’s counting,

it could actually be eight,

#ouch my belly,

must be something I eight,





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