smudged thumb print on the second last petal

imprint of a feeling that hungered

snap back with the stinging as the red shows

a wounded flower so pretty in its pose

still pretty with only one hope left

clinging to the base of its blossom with cloying grandeur

at least it thinks

at least it continues to define the whole

apart from the stem

the others sigh green

why always this one

always the last one born

so pretty can’t you see

its edges catch reflecting raindrops

with swirling smiles from the sun


and stars

it could command the galaxies this one

leaving four fingered prints on their lenses

making them so giddy they’d spill their soil

exposing all routes

there would be truth in that

a way at the very least

to make its detachment





Faced a world of clattering steel have I,

Kissed the horrors that couldn’t let me die,

Bonded with curses that pierced my roving eye,

Upon a powdery bed of bones my heart’s stifled cry,


I swing a dastardly weapon with a thirsty edge,

Wooing enemies with long toothed grins into my bed,

The sound of thunder and drums booms flirting with the end,

It was mine long before theirs oh if I could only smile and pretend,

And then?

Decimation would surely come,

The winged creatures would plummet from above,

Into the subliminal wilderness tumbling from my shove,

Lying in a shallow grave with the others I’ll lick my wounds when I’m done,

What of love?


If a dream were the world, the pearl to my wisdom, I would smile impossibly.

If it seemed what I have learned, in a world so crimson, was only about hopes blossoming.

Then waking reality would be but a backdrop to my heart singing softly,

Breaking, Awaking

Tasting life and at once gushing with verbosity.

For every breathless day since, that very first unearthing, I have been wondering.

Could she really exist, a beauty so disturbing, so unintentionally encumbering?

She so free and unafraid to follow the winds southerly,

 Weaving, Teasing

Simply and inexplicably being herself so magically powerful.

A soul of many colours, a Butterfly by any other name, she is a galaxy.

The promise of many summers, none of which are the same, she is my fantasy.

A thing of dark passion ferocious love she touches me savagely,

Biting, Lightly

From inside me she manifests giving me purpose gallantly.

A young virtuoso with a steely eye, roving the hills, I capture the future.

Unburdened by fears of dying, time kills, but not even that can dispute her.

From the past till now I am her from a distance but somehow sooner,

Together, Forever

Us two creatures creating an existence that’s sometimes smoother.

Love Me Like My Mother

I do not think that a man should ever be foolish enough to believe
that one day he will find a love that will be greater than or rival the love
that they receive from their own mother. I think this is as true for a man as
it is for a woman, since there is nothing that compares to a mother’s love in
all the universe.

Unfortunately I think most people are unaware of this, or if
they are they choose to ignore it, when it comes to seeking out a partner to
share a life with and that in the end leads to unnecessary hurt and

Well what exactly is it about a mother’s love that sets it apart
from all other types of love? Well, for one a mother’s love never diminishes or
changes and stays just as intent as it always was, if not a little bit wiser
with age.

No matter what one may become or fail to become, no matter how things
turn out and no matter what you decide to do with your life, your own mother’s
accepting love can be relied on to accept you under any and every circumstance.
So strong is a mother’s love that at times it almost seems like it doesn’t have
to be earned as if your mother will continue to love you even if you do not reciprocate
that love.

For a mother’s love is unstated and yet felt ten times as strongly
as any other kind of love out there, and for that reason perhaps it is so easy
to take for granted.

That same strong motherly love raises us men to be confident and
daring, and ready to discover the world and create what we will. A mother’s
love is so strong and wise that it accepts that it will nurture and raise young
boys into men who will one day want to spend as little time in the home that
cared for them, since their destiny is to start a family of their own.

In seeking out families of our own I think we men sometimes forget that the ones
we shall fall for are far from being anything like our mothers and the love
they offer is of a different kind altogether. The first mistake we make is to
believe that the love from a lover will be unconditional and will accept us as
we are at all stages of our lives.

We live our lives in relationships thinking that our partners will
always care for us the same way they did when they first fell for us but this
is just an illusion. As a man you have to accept that to a woman you will
always represent a specific concept, whether that be safety, stability, support
or refuge.

This means that while the woman might like or enjoy your personality
or who you think you are there are many things about you that also make her
want to share an existence with you and you may not be aware of these things
all the time.

Realising this makes you understand why it is that you cannot
keep crying to your woman about the things that do not go right in your life,
because that is what you are there for in her life. Perhaps she will allow you
to do it once, perhaps she may allow you to do it twice. But once you do it a
third time she will find a clear way to let you know that that is not how
things operate and you need to learn to suck it up.

In the same way a smart man quickly learns never to try reason with
a woman who is in an emotional state. Never try make her see that she is
overreacting or needs to calm down. Instead a good man should take his woman
seriously and feel what she is feeling and let her get it all out of her

Do not for one second let her know that you do not understand what she
is feeling or that you think she is reacting to something silly. At the same
time do not let her know that half the time you do not know why she gets so
worked up. Just pretend pretend pretend and for the love of God do not let her
know you are pretending. Any other reaction will just be asking for trouble and
will take you on the fast road to men’s hell.

Falling in love with a woman you intend to spend the rest of your
life with is hard work and one should accept that before they go seeking out a
life partner. Foolishly believing that that initial spark will get you through
the worst of times is inadvisable because it is only commitment and dedication
that will get you through.

Unlike a mother’s love, a lover’s love cannot be
taken for granted and sooner or later it will demand a strong reaction from
you. That’s why these days I care very little for the romantic love that seemed
to be the driving force for so many years of my life. I have come to believe
that it takes a whole lot more than just that to keep two people together and
knowing what I intend on giving in a relationship makes things easier rather
than focusing on what I will be receiving in the relationship…