A Simple Thank You

“Knowing when to keep quiet and when to speak is a valuable gift.”


I cannot
remember when the last time I said thank you to another person was. Yes of
course every day I say “I’m fine thank you, how are you?” But that hardly
counts as pure and sincere gratitude as it has become an automatic response to
the simplest of questions, which is often asked as an ice breaker or means of
dealing with somebody you do not really feel like conversing long with. I often spend
time alone thinking about the things that I am grateful for but that doesn’t
count either in the context of this discussion as that involves me and my
Creator. I think it is very important to say thank you to people for the simple
things they bring into your life because one really doesn’t know when it might
all go away. This life is so fickle and dynamic that one cannot afford to take
things for granted. So for today I will make every effort to say thank you to
as many people as possible…

16: 01

As it
turns out, saying thank you to people isn’t quite as simple as it seems when
you deliberately try thanking people for things that they are doing. For most
of today I have been trying to show great appreciation for those I have come in
contact with by thanking them for the things that they have done. Even when it
has seemed like they haven’t really done much I have thanked them just to show
them that I appreciate them and help their self esteem. As it turns out people
are not really used to being thanked for doing absolutely nothing and therein
lay the challenge in what I was trying to achieve today.

Firstly I found it
quite difficult to find something random to thank the person for. I found
myself racking my brain for recent things each person had done that would make
them feel a sense of pride for being acknowledged for. This in itself was quite
a mission for how the heck do you thank somebody for something you cannot
figure out yourself?

I realised that the people that I thanked today didn’t really take me seriously
as if they thought that I was just making conversation or being polite. Has the
phrase “thank you” really lost its power? I hardly think so but I do believe
that it is used so often in normal conversation that it is quite easily taken
for granted. And yet at the same time a perfectly weighted and timed thank you
can really make all the difference. Some people do jobs or favours without
needing a thank you simply because they know it is within their nature to be
helpful and they get a sense of satisfaction from helping others. I know this
because I am one of these types. However, every nice person knows that even
though you do not do the kind things that you do for acknowledgement, it makes
a world of difference when somebody actually says thank you and actually means

In the
same way that the old saying goes that charity begins at home, I think saying
thank you, or being grateful, also begins at home. Too many people in this
world have forgotten how to simply be grateful for what they have. I bet if
more people took the time out to be grateful for what they have rather than
what they do not have the world would be filled with happier people. Possibly
the greatest thank you a person can ever say is to themselves just for being
who they are and continuing to be as beautiful as they are. Just imagine how
healthy and loving we would all be if we learnt to acknowledge ourselves
without bothering about what is happening outside of us? I believe gratitude is
a sacred part of being a human being and that sense of gratitude begins within
and then radiates to the outer world, making the world a brighter place…