Worries Like Family, Family Like Worries

With just a bit of loving, life can be bearable. With a little
more, life can be splendid. With a whole lot of love, life can be glorious.

I think it is quite
safe to say all people have worries, except maybe for very small children and
perhaps forgone junkies, both of whom live in their own reality that is
constantly under threat of being crushed by the vagaries of everybody else’s
reality. Worries are constantly there with us whether they are the deeply
ingrained ones that make us fret about our physical appearance, our supposed
inadequacies and our status in life due to our birthrights, or even if they are
the simple day to day ones that are generally related to food, shelter and
basic survival.

Some of us worry more than others as it seems that there is nothing that we can do about it. Of course the extreme of worrying leads to chronic anxiety and eventually neurosis where one’s mind gets the better of them and they book themselves a certified one way ticket to a lunatic asylum where there is no return for un-purged souls – apparently. It is also said that a little worry is good for all of us in the same way that a little pain is also good for us in making us react to stimuli and therefore finding survival strategies to ensure our continuous development.

It is also true that
worry, no matter whether it is a little or a whole lot, is based on fears that
exist only in the mind of the worrier (isn’t it ironic, or at least intriguing,
that worrier sounds the same as warrior). Each person has their own fears that
they may transfer to those close to them but generally everybody creates their
own fears by dwelling on them and giving them breath to grow into paralysing monsters
that have the worst of symptoms. Often these symptoms are physical causing
illness or disease since one’s mind is ill at ease when one tends to worry.

So as with all things
in life one has to strike a balance of finding the right measure of worry,
enough to ensure that they are reacting to stimuli in the environment to ensure
their continuous development, and not too much to push them over the edge of
neurosis from where there is no turning back. It makes one think of how it is
said that what is good for you is also bad for you or what is your greatest
strength can also be your greatest weakness.

It also makes one think
how having worries is similar to having family. One cannot do without some
worries just as one cannot do without some family, and like worries family
comes in all shapes and sizes with the most bizarre dynamics. It seems that the
way some people nurture their worries and seemingly cannot live without them
constantly seeking to replace ones that have fallen away, is similar to how
most people cling onto family. Some of us fall just short of giving our worries
names such is our fondness for them. It is actually quite fitting that family
also tends to be one of our greatest sources of worries and just as family will
never leave you, worries will never leave you, so accept it and be freed by
your acceptance…