the long white road

…the long white road pulls me,

An ogre hand of gravity,

I tilt like a withered petal,

My questions are upended…


…it sucks on my ink,

The journey leaves no prints,

But the white road demands more,

Death splatter off the shoulder…


…hazards abound, jaws rattle through the night,

The wick from a black candle,

Guides on the long white road,

Danger: endless bends…


…the road goes on and on,

All white and no shadows,

All life and no phantoms,

No: broken creatures are welcome…


…express through ritual,

Lost with no weather report, the clouds,

Hug my imagination chewing on engines,

Write through the long white road…


…enter and keep going,

There’s no traffic in a congested cupboard,

Full of skeletons: roadworks,

Detour, turn the page, to the next long white road…

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