a road

A road takes me into the mist,

I let myself be taken, riding,

Half asleep, half here, mostly away,

Somewhere near where I want to be,


Call my name,

Find me there in distance coming,

I feel the sun on my face, it bathes,

Soothes, caresses me, like memories,

Of long ago,

I wish I was a child, again,

But without knowing,

It’s peculiar this thing,

This adulating without wings,

With hooves that don’t fit,

And claws that take out your own eyes,

On the road, to there, we go,

Together but alone,

That’s our way, I wouldn’t have it any other…

Come, see this focal point,

Can you see it with me?

No, I…

Mist softens the suns harshness,

I can stare at its centre,

But still not comprehend,

Maybe that’s how she feels about me?

Look but don’t see, touch but don’t feel,

It is real, it is a fight, but I wouldn’t have it…

Any other way…

Fathom me summer cold, it is a change,

We grow with the season,

Become with the wisdom,

Given by each moment, each fiction,

I pen this side of it but the other, I am not so sure,

I am just a character, directed by, well, hope?

Maybe half way there, we travel, but far, so far,

We fly, thoughts, feelings, mercy these things,

They come and go, day in, day out,

It is still early in this, life but we are down the road,

This is it, no u-turns, no wrong turns, just turns,

We exchange, we fight, we learn,

We wade in the mist, keep our eyes on the road,

But still seem lost, it is a journey this thing,

A pleasantly awkward one,

Find me there…

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