Eyes of You

Close your eyes and think of you,

See what I would see if I had your wonder,

If I had the absolute intrigue to slow birds in flight,

I’d see a soaring lady with the gentle step of a tigress,

The swoosh in your movement like the glint in your eye,

Every time I miss another secret, miss another turn of your head,

As you look and look away but never fade into light or shade,

I try guessing what you see but fail every time with a smile,

The mystery of you is your pleasure to keep and free,

To release and feed, to respect and let be,

Like your rhythm,

Your deliberate rhythm,

Do you hear silent music made only for you?

Do you play soulful instruments inside my very mind?

Your irises dance to the moon in the depths of your face,

When you ply that youthful smile like a sweet blade to the heart,

Shattering the mirror so it rains hundreds of scattered pieces,

Memories and fantasies mingling to your beautiful sound,

Touching the ground in the wake of your footsteps,

A valley of the deepest brown curves,

With the softest dips,

The river licks,

And feeds into your being,

Drawing eternal strength from the you,

That faced and overcame and lived to tell no one,

With no need for recognition or any to bear false witness,

You see what I see when I watch in annealed serenity,

Like the oldest tree knowing in the spring of mid October,

Where you blow with the winds that rejoice in your creation,

Something so elementary it must be nature’s crowning,

The envy of the worlds when they eventually meet,

Personifying one woman,

Undeniably you…


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