Seven Legs

 With these seven remaining legs, I scurry onwards into deep space, at a pace that doesn’t reason with the pain,

My hairy joints unoiled and sore, sing a song with a confused rhythm, this acute living, paying out full dividends,

Even here where far seems normal, where hurt no longer disturbs, an axis turns odds against the evens we had,

The landscape folds over until the stars kiss the Earth, and in scenes of forever I search, eyes search like probes,

Deep in orbit reflecting , inner ghosts with dragonfly wings, lagging time brings all of it back with ghoulish glory,

Innocent youth engulfed in flames, screaming elders crushed by trains of thoughts, caught in a dastardly web,

Not unlike mine, as grey as a solar system with a few missing stars, questions asked by those pests I laid with,

Just before I ate them, gravely battling my instincts to lure and prey, lure and prey, lure and prey on Virgins,

As they skitter and flutter about with the zeal of fools, oblivious to the chaos that echoes from the walls, calls,

From the sentient watchers, with their invisible hands, and incomprehensible plans that tinker with my trail,

A path I’m yet to tread…away from here… gone…to that same place where I lost my other leg…


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