Black Swan II

There’s a sign by the water that says “No Swimming – Here”, a sign that for the most part goes unnoticed, but of course I see it because I am the only one that wades here, through these lovely waters that bring such comfort, if silence and the meaningless conjecture that fills it were anything to go by, then I’d be a whole flapping gaggle of quacking laughter, my soul snapping at an angle a hassle to look after, look…look harder at the other sign that says “Do Not Feed – Them”, them as in me, me as in mine, mine as in my…my dear feelings that bristle when called upon by any other name, for I have not named them like those rubbery things that lurk below the water, in the furthest reaches of this lonely pond, I dive for them when I’m feeling brave or ducking from fear, it is after all the same thing, to live or die, to live and die, that it something that should never be attempted to be proved otherwise…otherwise, they will all feign to look surprised, when the Black Swan surely flies, like a brown leaf on the rise, aiming to go beyond the very skies, to see what may have been mistakenly placed there…maybe a few forgotten promises…maybe a lover with a heart of diamond…maybe, maybe just, a few sprinkled stars that gaze down in wonder, at glistening eyes brimming with these briny waters that I swim in…”No Swimming – Here” the sign says, but I figure it isn’t for the likes of me, a Black Swan, that beautiful thing that really isn’t meant to be…


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