Once Were



I close my mind to memories of us, once a pair,

You and I,

Like little dark footprints of children running in snow,

Chasing winds with no direction, just floating insouciantly,

There, there…gone.

The silence flaps between the folds, nothing there,

Just the dew sodden outlines of thoughts that may have been,

May have been…may, have been…

A springtime that rained whenever we beckoned,

Rivers of hope that gushed with anticipation,

Something touched in both of us,

As such it spoke to us…in hollow words, it seems,

Feels, like…bones that won’t dry out there,

In the forbidden hollows, death’s heart still dying,

Somehow…in some way…sorry…


My eyes never saw such loveliness, watching you,

Butterfly Wings,

Colouring my breathing air, giving life to a smile,

For a while these eyes, saw what they liked and liked what they saw,

It was you,

Then and never,

As it will be forever…


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