I looked back once and already it was fading,

Like a single blood drop in a sizeable heart of water,

Softening away with the enigmatic speed of musing,

For a second, second I felt something while I was gazing,

Liquefying my insides were not about any sort of order,

Sunken reason, knew all too well that it wasn’t worth refusing…

So I looked back twice and gasped at my own foolishness,

Feeling braver than a red sun oddly rising on a gloomy day,

As if the improbable is nothing, like a kiss without a forlorn stare,

From first light to just before last, rid of all prudishness,

It was a little less now, as it seemed immeasurably further away,

Not so much as a whisper secreted through the touch of lips that dare…

So I looked back a third time as if I had something special to tell,

Something so profound time would surely give back what it has taken,

So that all my spoken words could at least soften and free my one feeling,

But I’m afraid it was just the questions that burned me straight to hell,

Opening the ground beneath me as it was my entire world that was quaking,

Overwhelmed utterly with a peculiar sense of falling I finally grasped the meaning…

It would seem I was always looking forward at what lay before me,

Through glistening tears that blurred memories that were,

Mirroring phantasms of what I thought of you,

Apart, there’s something rattling loose and free,

Of its resolution one cannot be quite so sure,

At the very least, both our hearts are true…


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