Asked How I Feel…

Asked how I feel I’d say I’ve seen,

Something so startling I’d swear it could not have been,

Something not of me that I never imagined could be,

A writhing thing that I would unflappably say was obscene,

It touched me on the back of the neck at first,

But strangely I heard it approaching with its bubbling thirst,

Horrifyingly so my antiphon was ever slow,

As if it begged a question of my true and bloody worth,

It pasted me with a feeling that came from without,

As I stood there stupendously mesmerised in doubt,

Is that my heart that’s falling apart?

I wonder what will fill this space that’s emptied out,

Perhaps the remains with that familiar smell,

That even from a distance never bodes well,

Is it coming from me or from that thing?

I’ve been falling in with it so long I can no longer tell…


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