At the Edge of Gone Forever

At the edge of gone forever,

On the shimmering back of an aging horizon,

A memory floats gently bopping to an indistinct rhythm,

Far, far away and further still,

From where it once held meaning at least to one,

Once un-swayed, tethered to the safe harbour of the heart,

It’s now free like the gulls silhouetted,

Little inverted smiles flying, flying almost motionless,

Like etched shadows in the fading light deceiving the crying eye,

Swelling waters all around flex,

Deeper than any mawkishness past felt indeed,

In the vacated vastness twinkling thought trajectories travel,

Guiding as the stars, solemn in their brevity,

Yet always suggesting an ambiguous cycle without end,

Round and round, again and again, one but wonders what is change?




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