Petal Kiss Mushroom


A little pale petal falls from an open sky,

Slow in motion twisting through nothing,

Wantonly un-phased it seems to fly,

In its own way without fronting,

Downwards tempting in a mesmerising wobble,

So perfect in its feeling that only it knows well,

That just maybe there is nothing that’s least probable,

As certain blissful tales will surely tell,

Eyes with a deep sparkle moving away from the stars,

Not worried about a ground that has now turned to ashes,

A great expanse famished with its own emptiness so vast,

From where a dreamy hooded mushroom blooms with a passion,

A stunted silhouette of a figure that barely knows any horizon,

Held by stubby roots that form faint footprints on the surface,

Forever waiting saluting dark fantasy with all its surprises,

All it has is a beating heart that only knows noble service,

Hooded head always bent skywards,

Wondering what might just one day fall,

A single drop of rain water shaped like a diamond,

Or something else altogether enchanting with a name you cannot call,

Perhaps even a pale petal that resembles a frozen tear drop,

Whirling in its own sadness menacingly enticing,

Like a free falling ballerina with arms held aloft,

Tragically smiling while death defying,

A catastrophic meeting surely awaits them both,

Two forces with opposing intentions fated in this,

It will take just a single moment for them to make an unspoken oath,

And splash into each other’s lives with a sudden kiss…



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