Purple Scarf

Purple Scarf

Half a perfect laugh

Moments before the scar

Perfect when life was

You were for her

Beautifully magnetic

A gift of no price

Natural how she moved


She couldn’t stay

But the memory is branded

Forever didn’t seem like agony

Then when she was a perfect ten

A friend who filled a longing

A white shadow dancing

Always just that far farther

Me chasing like a forever late commuter

Train left

Ship sailed with perfect purple sails

Purple Scarf

That would have comforted her shoulders

Reminding her that I was there

From day one

Till now

Now that nothing remains

Except you Purple Scarf

A gift never delivered

A hopeless smile

For a while it was everything

For a while


Enough for me to remember

I was somehow better

Like how it first felt

I thought I had found something else


Right there where it shouldn’t have been

That last moment was insane

Searching for strength

 We were both found wanting

Like a Purple Scarf with nobody to give to…


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