Find Me

Find me my fine soul, that rare bird,

With invisible wings that span like time,

Bedazzled with white stars that mesmerise my blindside,

Wake me back lovingly, into that first,

Into that captured feeling, imagined sublime,

That magic of the bursting cries inside.

She was here just not too long ago,

Smiling with her sad eyes effusing charm,

So mysterious, she escaped the shadows when she took flight,

Before I had even a moment to console,

Hue her rotary colours soothingly back to calm,

Trying to bring her to my simple world with feeble might.

My ambling curiosity discovered her unsighted,

Then when I was preferably disposed of vain notions,

Oh so it seemed when we were in one moment extended forever,

Her body speaking to me not trying to fight it,

Our sensuality melted together into one throbbing emotion,

It all seemed to be breathtakingly shaping with no endeavour…



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