She Her

When I think of you I think of peace,

The kind that makes one feel at one with themselves,

Except there is something that suggests a connection with all that is,

 I think of all that I have tried and never given up on, I think of courage,

You effortlessly make me feel okay like I could never do no wrong,

And yet I know only mistakes, hurts I’ve caused to others and myself,

Without really meaning to or knowing that it was even possible,

Like you I believe in a simple perfection to things,

One that makes me dream beyond and live in full colour,

And that is partially why I see you so clearly,

You brighten my soul with your realness, an earthiness that grounds me,

You take me from one end to another along an undefined spectrum,

Giving me something that I started believing was an ideal of the foolish,

You crack my stubbornness and smash my bond with an unforgiven past,

You dare to birth me when I didn’t even suspect I was half dead,

You feel my ghostly touch that has been reaching unseen into the nothingness,

And pull me into a reality that is there for us both to define,

I sense it every time your eyes smile, through the sadness, back at me,

I soak it in with every embrace we have,

Tingling through me like loneliness washing away, temporarily,

For we are eternal hermits roaming the galaxies, never searching,

Just being, as we two are when we are alone together, those rare moments,

When our truth is spoken in absolute silence, for words could never express it,

What we have, what we are and how it came to be,

Whenever it started, wherever it started,

For you, as I, know that this is beyond us,

As it is meant to be…


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