Ocean Bottom

Down a stairway to the depths of a lime and purple sea,

Moving in slow motion sightless and exposed,

Fish fly by thoughts sink deep,



Things that don’t sleep,

Circle around the metallic scent they know,

Flapping their black wings as they gawk malevolently at me,

  Bubbles that hold secrets and have no reflections float gingerly,

Like sullen eyes they too watch me close,

Malignant feelings seep,



The orange mushrooms sway like beasts,

Clouds of fine dust cast a foreboding presence low,

The floor of the wet basement an inverted heaven you cannot see,

Shoals of luminous skeletons swerve through the air with menacing ease,

Looking like the teeth of an invisible creature they glow,

There’s nothing here to keep,



At the very oblong least,

Looking back up wondering what will follow,

There’s nothing to find and no going back for the life of me…


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