Death, Destiny & Time

Death buried the hatchet under the winter beaten willow tree,

There in the firm mud cast in soft dancing shadows,

Resigned to a fretting feeling beyond himself,

His own bony hand touched his heart,

Cold forgiveness his intention,

Missed, missing, revealing,

It’s Death’s own killing,

Twisted bark,



Destiny painted a dark night’s sky with stars of enthusing tales,

Birthing fantasy with fine lines invisible to the dull eye,

Full of everything out of the ordinary yet simple,

Alluring in her confusion’s dazzling parameters,

Worthy of a hungry unfulfilled audience,

As unfulfilled as her own desires,

Muted poise the dripping ink,

The world her canvas,



Time immortal is all they have Death and Destiny if they find,

For that is all there is and it promises dreams of forever,

In a universe of solid untruths and unknown laws,

They could endure like the age of empires,

Or expire like the last exhaled breathe,

As Time whispers its rosy lies,

Lovers pine and hope,

Lost to each other,




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