Finding Ways


Finding ways of losing sanity,

Makes me mind the silver lines,

There where there’s no gravity,

There where there are no signs,

I’m falling but still, motionless,

Like that first tear as it forms,

Between worlds and grasping, hopeless,

Still haven’t learned the norms,

Answers drift in the nothingness,

Coming from everywhere and nowhere,

At once mocking with subtleness,

The questions not even there,

Given many names that nobody calls,

I imagine echoes of a self, a shadow,

A murky reflection with no cause,

A lost ghost just here to say hello,

Something there tingles imperceptibly,

Like silence’s inchoate soundling,

Nurtured by the emptiness exceptionally,

It could just be hope floundering,

Sinking in I feel I’m madly in,

In contrast to a world that spins,

Thinking remains my only sin,

Rarely is it the heart that wins…


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