Dead Nation

The skeletons of the sick decay, bodies dead from living a wretched life,

Skin broken, hair faint and dry, threading bare on a dichotomous continuum.

Watch them as they rattle and shuffle by day, wheeze and leak by night,

Only somehow forgetting to die, as if unaware of something following them.

Degrees of regret catch them as they fade, there beyond out of ageless sight,

Brushed by the tails of hopes that fly, dashed intrigues of salvation sovereign.

Nobody knows where they stay, even though everybody sees their strife,

 So desperate there are no more tears to cry, pities or shames worth bothering.

Stone eyed they glare back with nothing to say, muted by their plight,

Without the killer instinct to even try, their lingering insufferable and ominous.

Caricatures in a forcibly makeshift play, in an otherwise perfect world of delight,

 Like shadows cast out by the sky, their dying just doesn’t seem part of this.


7 responses to “Dead Nation

  1. Wow!!!! Powerful, you captured this in a way I couldn’t and a way I admire. Indeed nobody knows where they stay even though everybody knows their strife. Well done. I applaud you on this piece. I will tweet and share on face book please. Thank you!!!

  2. when will the world end all this
    and bring about some happiness

    and stop or greed today
    and help these people
    on their way

    all they need is helping hand
    to give them courage to build their lives again

    to find them water and feed them too
    all this suffering could end soon

    if all the multimillionaires
    where to share their wealth and happiness
    and show they care

    this suffering could end today
    they could live with happiness again

    and if the world goverments were honest too
    we could help them today

    rather than planning wars and taking our tax
    they could build them homes with irrigation
    too and help them with water and food each day
    and let them live their lives like me and you

    they are special and gods children too

  3. “Only somehow forgetting to die, as if unaware of something following them.”

    Sometimes even praise seems garish when Truth speaks so plainly, thank you for writing this. Take care, Que

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