Hanging on to Hope’s Coat Tails

Holding on to hope’s coat tails,

Dragging though the dust,

Boldly coping while all else fails,

 Candidly out of luck,

In the shadows of something that has not been,

 A deftly forged dream,

In the hallowed nothing of the unseen,

Adeptly bored with the serene,

The open doors of a shut past abandoned,

 Creak from somewhere nearby,

The unspoken laws of trust asked and imagined,

Bleak and rare they apply,

Falsified brave ties of wondered whys,

Echo endlessly with the cries of open eyes,

  Classified faced blind the plundered die,

Letting go messily of lies spoken live,

Searching with a doused lamp in a musty cellar,

They find some singing bones,

Lurking in an underground camp of its crusty dweller,

A kind of thinking is honed,

The shredded rags of fashioned wars divide,

Like cancerous cells deep inside,

Embedded as the passion that pours meanwhile,

 Like hazardous smells of beasts that died,

Years put together like puzzle pieces,

Juxtaposed young and old simultaneously,

Un-preferred yet remembered the brain muscle releases,

All that was supposed clung to the folds ostentatiously,

Sinister harmonies played on strings,

The same ones that animate the characters,

Administered horribly age brings,

Displayed loves decapitated haters,

Peering along the line to the end,

Bobbing heads swaying in the gust,

Appearing gone with time that’s lent,

Sobbing extends allaying the disgust,

A feeble clutch a snatch that faded,

A single and final attempt at decency,

As people touch they catch what they’ve hated,

They mingle suicidal in the effect of leniency,

Ragged and gagged and yet stirring with intent,

As if something could be done about the shells in the nest,

Tagged and bagged still erring and cannot relent,

Just fumbling in the sun compelled by the conquest,

A mistake a being a consequence of existence,

Shapes what happens from here on out,

It takes some freeing from confidence or persistence,

For escapes from caverns of fear or doubt,

Hanging flinching from a thread,

The last steps in the dance,

Mangled contradictions of the living dead,

The past gets lost in chance…


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