Love Abuse

Love fondled me impetuously, with a thick hairy hand,

Slave to desires, Love’s undisciplined will had me,

Young I was,

Bad – I am dirty.

Took me away from everything before I could even understand,

Pulled me hard, pushed in deep, my naivety…gently,

 Undone without even a buzz,

Sad – I am empty.

Love knew me well, trusted her I did…with all I had,

Awkward, coming of age…she watched me,

Through warped eyes,

Damn – I tempted.

Blame me guilty…filthy stench…everything was damp,

It was slow…blank…my body responded kindly,

Love’s kindness is lies,

I am – rejected?

Love’s friends held me down impolitely, it was…all planned,

Romance turned my head, Fantasy somewhere behind me,

They would later try to apologise,

I cramped – infected.

Laughter…smiles…grunts…tears in the sand,

At least some of us had…a good time…blindly,

Growing up in a single moment…time flies,

Slaughtered lambs – lamented.



4 responses to “Love Abuse

  1. I know it is easier and the norm to say nice/encouraging things
    to praise a poem
    but here I hope you see it as an admiration of your poetic/writing skills
    when I say this poem evoked a great deal of chills, queasiness, fear, powerlessness and sadness.

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