Footless Boot


Legless footless boot discarded, without a care,

Like a bad memory from yesterday, just there, disregarded,

Forgotten by those who move on, unnoticed, not a blink, not a glare.

Who else would see you looking purposeless, what fool?

That would really try to understand your predicament, what simpleton?

Not even the one who wore you could be as silly as a mule, is it a rule?

That boots should have feet in them? is it for the barefoot to contemplate?

For the meaning is taken in steps, endless steps that have to concentrate,

Break the straps of boots, boots with feet that travel,

Maddening, as the tale of the feet in them unravel,

Heels crack, ankles snap, toes moan as steps cover the map,

None of it is exact, neither lie nor fact, just truth that admits it lacks,

The ability, the simplicity to explain why a boot must have a foot, why truth must be exact…


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