Broken Eyes

Strips of my being wrap tightly around your essence,

Like the wings of a newborn butterfly shielding and reflecting,

The gentle truth of my heart’s confessions,

Causes ripples so powerful and delightful and yet mysteriously undetected,

Through broken eyes I keep a steady watch while you rest your senses,

Forgetting, becoming and releasing anything worth repenting,

We connect silently like meaning and purpose in a well thought sentence,

And find nothing but formidable will armed with menacing self acceptance,

Ready to die for things we little understand because we have true intentions,

Worlds apart and yet still we crank to each other’s rhythms like mechanical extensions,

I am your footsteps your shadow your forgotten powers lost in the enigmatic lessons,

While you undoubtedly are the long awaited answer to my oldest question…who am I?

Watching you through broken eyes...


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