At night I close my eyes and hold my breath

Trapped in love’s ways as I ruminate on days left,

Between now, the hereafter and the many other careless hours spent,

Seeking through the silence that respect from everyone else

When all that really mattered is you and how you’ve felt,

Since the beginning when we dreamed, till now when all resistance melts,

We have presented our best even when vagueness spoke

And shrouded us in impossible fears like a dark satin cloak,

Trying to taint the beauty, which we have created against the odd glares of most,

Lying in my bed alone like a single rose in a vase

I smile insanely like looking in a mirror and seeing no face,

For I know that you are but a heart beat away, perched in my special place,

Far from the depraved shapes of societies envy

And even further from my own old habits that try to take me,

Yet close to all that is me, both good and bad, as you make me carefree,

With a feeling that will always be like copious colour

Seen through the ravenous eyes of an unashamed lover,

I am touched by your abundance, purely charmed as I choke with wonder,

At how you can be like a perfect summer of sun and rain

Dancing along the heart’s extremities and yet never looking to blame,

Just being you, within this world, making sure each day is never the same,

Nursing the pains of your children your family and those who care

At times I seek pardon from the universe as I learn how to share,

Releasing what is dear to me, your individuality and wholeness, always there,

For I want for you to see what I see in you

The intellect of a wizard and passion so true,

That could achieve anything impossible, including changing the seasons on cue,

My love, you imbue me with the will to meaning

The ability to find diamonds where once there was bleeding,

That power of supreme reasoning, backed by self belief that is eternally redeeming,

All memories are worth keeping now that you have entered my life

There is balance in my paradise created through strife,

As I finally learn how to love and laugh, and also look forward to our next fight.


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