Looking Back In Time

The Flavour of Love (10th December 2009)

For no apparent reason on my way to work today all I could think about was the colour of love, or more specifically the colour of my love. I not only considered the actual colour of my love but the flavour of it too, its essence, its taste and its effects. I know in the most general terms love is considered to be red, maroon, mauve, pink, purple, magenta, crimson, vermillion, violet or some other variation of these colours. I think it is mostly the dull minded who lack creativity who would consider the colour of love to be one, or a variation, of these colours. I would like to believe that love is not limited to any one definition or experience and therefore the colour of love can be as varied as the plants of the planet or the sands of the universe or the spirits of the galaxy.

I think the colour of my love is something dark brooding brown, enchantingly solid, thick with the seriousness of itself, undoubtedly and candidly  there, yet remaining mysterious enough to invite even those who don’t believe. It has a richness to it that is of the most natural and nurtured type, that yearns to spread that richness to all that it comes in contact with. It is strong and ever lasting yet it is not fixed because it changes in cycles like the seasons of the planet. At times it changes from its dark brown shade to a much lighter variation until it at times becomes greener, with the lushness of growth and expansion. When it is green it can be anything from bright lime at times of rejoicing to khaki green at times of consoling and even to jade when my own internal beauty is recognised.

Then of course throughout its expression my love has a hint of orange that shines as streaks and other times appears as dots, all the while giving off a radiance in a sense of its own humble pride. These three colours, brown green and orange, are of course just the main colours since they are so dear to me. The truth is I suppose on any given experience of love other colours I have not mentioned become dominant in my expression of love. It changes from partner to partner from experience to experience, all the while remaining true to its fullest expression. I learn I weep I grow I love…


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