If I could close my eyes and try to stop all my thoughts

I would hope that my mind would become filled with images of you,

Of all that I have not yet seen, still to be revealed like a fresh spring secret

And all that I have seen, so captivating it makes me forget everything I ever knew,

I’ve seen you in many guises, none of which reveal more than they should

And I have felt within you, something that pulsates within the pleasure of itself,

Content within the dazzling shadows of many dancing figures, holding together

The allure of a woman, with the definitiveness of all the god’s wealth,

The tantalising authority of even your slightest movement

Puts fools in harms way for desiring that which they do not understand,

And makes wise men abandon everything, including reason

Just so they may give in to the torturous pleasure of your command,

With brazen feline composure you watch the world as it watches you

Daring the curious to follow the path to infinite possibilities,

Without promise, without a care, just following a craving

Your constantly testing dualities make us blind to the likely probabilities,

If my life were to end and I were allowed only one pure memory

I would hope it would be of that moment when we shared our very first kiss,

For without caveat I was absorbed into the folds of a magnificent fantasy

Bound to reality only by the smoothness of your skin and the scent from your lips,

Your manifest beauty keeps my senses firmly in this world

Screaming at an outrageous intensity as they work to their full potential,

While my inner faculties, which extend beyond the tangible

Are discourteously reminded that love among free spirits is chaste and elemental,

I was found by your virtue in a place where darkness knows no end

Where hollow voices of my own creation echoed against each other’s turpitude,

Raging incessantly against my efforts to mend the pieces of a broken heart

Lost between the line that separates a beggar’s loneliness from a monk’s solitude,

But now something has been restored that quells my ancient spirit

Something so vital and of a nature so obliquely abstract,

It makes me feel whole, in a peculiar way that I have forgotten

Like glaring into a looking glass after a battle and realising I am still intact,

Alive with a need to clasp you selfishly to where I’m most tender

And share with you all that I am, in my most gentle splendour,

I only dream of looking deeper into your eyes right in the centre

Where many delightful mysteries wait for me to enter…


8 responses to “Gemini

  1. “And all that I have seen, so captivating it makes me forget everything I ever knew,
    I’ve seen you in many guises, none of which reveal more than they should”

    I love this part….the mysteries of the unknown, of people you know, but perhaps don’t know all.

  2. Yeah thanks, even though sometimes I wish I had seen those mysteries before my heart was so deeply embedded, since things didn’t end well. This is the only ex I have ever had that I was not able to be civil with, even now three years later, if I saw her I wouldn’t want to speak to her. Maybe one day…

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