I Walk A Path of Infinite Options


I walk a path of infinite options

With a heart, a life and a dream that create many problems,

I light the fires that compete with the moons envious glare

Looking for an artisan with an unparalleled trade to compare,

To feel, to wish, to find, to share

A glimpse into the possibility that life could be fair,

All that I see upon my journey true

Looks back at me with the wise eyes of a few,

If ever I knew the answers to the unasked questions

Then my glory would be lost in me vainly mirroring the reflections,

Hardened whispers scratch my soul and let me remember

That to blame myself would be stupidly clever,

I am at fault when I veil the obvious lessons

And grasp at ignorance in an attempt to double count my blessings,

I am at the mercy of my own naïve menace

That seeks to purify me without repentance,

With no worldly acceptance

I continue to tred in my own direction…



6 responses to “I Walk A Path of Infinite Options

  1. Thank you very much. to be honest I do not know what it means, I just liked the symbols and put them in the poem. Not being able to speak arabic I almost forgot that these interesting symbols are actuallt letters that mean something in another language…

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