I Walk With A Face

I walk with a face,

I face with a look

I see with a mind

divided by perspectives,

There is beauty of a kind,

 that makes me kind for a while


always reminding me that all is connected,

I am chosen by each moment,

 for a moment you’ll understand

 For now is forever more glorious than promise itself,

All feelings are sound,

like the sound of nothingness


giving the impression that infinite possibilities could be felt,

The colours are amazing,

 a maze is a strange thing

I lose myself during the day in absolute awe,

Basking in the munificent light,

 light as an atom

I am the creation with a name you cannot call,

In an African night,

an African knight

dreams of his fairytale lover with the permission of Ururu,

Believing in what he has not seen,

in scenes too surreal

knowing that it will all come together


like the threads of ubuntu,

For his love will never cease,

 like the seas overly keen

Strong with emotion

 that makes the world

 go on and on and on,

Life plays out on a reel,

 no less real

than a picture

And I feel myself floating along,

like a song finding everywhere to belong.


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