Earth Shattering Discovery

Unlocking amusing

dimensions with the touch of my fingertips,

The world

is discovered from the placating chaos of unrest,

Feverishly obsessed with the very words


from my lips,


I am the finder of thousands of cherished sins you will not confess,

My spirit, my bones,

the earth and its hallowed fibs,


the force that controls the wickedness

 that marks the test,

Growth is when man is born from a woman’s spare ribs

and with no more conjecture

 he starts to believe that he is worth less,

a mess,

a universe

strung backwards

with yarn made from moist coal dust

And what of lust?

Wanderlust the precursor to broken trust…

Found deep below the crust of a world worried with fuss

infidels must be responsible for erasing the steps of Jesus,

For in His absence increases the proliferation

of authorless theses,

during the next reign, in the rain season

a dungeon keeper…

with a heart of stone

becomes the hope for those

living alone

in a crimson world where memories fade

darkness has no refuge for the brave

or the damned, but still they prey…pray…


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