The First Breath

That first indisputable breathe is the finest,

The boldest, innocently thirstiest, taking as much as it gives,

The air enters the tautly flared nostrils with the kindest,

Soothing force, giving vitality, reminding the being that it lives,

 Sweeping in uncontrollable yet perfect twirls it travels,

Down the eagerly opened wind pipe, the gateway between life and death,

The eyes close at the serenity of it all and the spirit unravels,

The first taste reaches both lungs, the deep cosmos, where it will be spread to the rest,

A brief stillness washes over the entire body as the conscious mind is disconnected,

Momentarily allowing the nothingness to seep in, invading, creating harmony,

It takes an eternity in which life and all its perplexity is accepted,

Nothing matters, meaning is void and the feeling of falling is taken calmly,

The very planet has entered, tasting earthy and feeling warm,

Mixing with the waters of the body, the emotions that bind being and world,

It is the realisation of a perfect design by imperfect forms,

The startling unification, a majestic bliss, the purity of energy returns,

Then there is movement as a collective release shudders through the being,

A single message heard throughout, echoing with the same vigour as the first breath,

The purpose is clear with a need acknowledged and naturally freeing,

There is nothing to be hidden, nothing to be feared and nothing from the past to be kept,

The mental capacities take hold of awareness as everything goes out,

The planning, the doubting, the worries and the dreams of a better existence,

The heart releasing its hurts like torrential rains from summer clouds,

A purging, a breaking of unwanted cycles, an abandonment of resistance,

The physical body welcomes the unity taking up the melodic rhythm,

One becomes two then three and then many more,

The spirit fully content with this living,

Shines brightly from the being’s core…


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