A Poem For A Lost Father

Colourless threads dangle in the blustery winds of time, dancing with no rhythm,

Foolishly like the blind mimicking those with a simple wisdom, reflected,

They shimmer with a boldness or shiver from the coldness, connected,

They cast no shadows in my mind,

But hide what I cannot find,

I’ve cried.


Watching falling crystal rivers from mountains climbed, like romantics unforgiven,

 Following their ways I’ve bathed fully naked in love pools of crimson, infected,

A boy learning about the world made coy by all the girls, rejected,

Nothing ever died,

Not even pride,


Lost in a blaze of stars at times a gift at times a crime, tortured by indecision,

Dreaming philosophy until reality tends towards the whimsical, dejected,

A father taken by death but he didn’t bother to try his best, tempted,

A blaming son felt he lived a lie,

From here I’ve criticized,

Safely on the living side.

Crumbling abstractions and hollow hopes give way to the sublime, self is forgiven,

Age cradles the heart and gives a sword to the victim, repented,

Holding on to faith and soldiering on like a sage, majestic,

I see what life means through his eyes,

Our fates still finely tied,

He makes me wise.



3 responses to “A Poem For A Lost Father

  1. “A blaming son felt he lived a lie,
    From here I’ve criticized,
    Safely on the living side.”

    what great three lines these are!

    it sounds like forgiveness of a death or something that was of blame or guilt…..beautiful.

    • Yeah today would have been my old man’s 65th birthday but he passed away back in 2004 and still I get emotional around this time of year. I’m just glad that we were on good terms when he passed on even though there were many unresolved issues between the two of us. at times I feel he gave up on his life and comitted a slow drunken suicide but that is me being critical. The truth is I know he did the best he could, its just that one never really gets over a death of a loved one and as you grow older and reach various milestones in your life you think about them again…

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