Run Little Tin Man Run

Run little tin man run,

Nobody here knows you or even sees you,

You are far from anything you ever knew,

And yet you are nowhere,

Like a faint song in the wind,

A song of loss not even strong enough to create an echo,

Run little tin man run,

I hear your little footsteps like a constant stream of falling pins,

Falling messily and painfully almost hurting themselves,

Your wobbly knees won’t get you far,

Too burdened,

Too weak,

Hear them squeak,

A shredded shadow in your wake,

Behind you,

A path of broken promises,

As you run, run, run far away from nothing,

The doubt creating lumps in every breath that you take,

The un-kept secrets heavy in the breaths that you exhale,

Your falsehood will suffocate you,

You will be discovered and stoned to death,

They won’t mourn you,

 Remember you or even notice your absence,

You aren’t real,

You erased your birth home,

Your identity is a delightful fabrication,

Now you seek,

 Forever seeking an unobtainable goal,

A dream,

 A delusion,

A nightmare,

Run little tin man run,

 They are coming,

The voices,

The voices with their sharp teeth,

And the birds with the endless wings,

The horizons with their poisoned and dying suns,

The beginning and the end,

Run little tin man run,



2 responses to “Run Little Tin Man Run

  1. Feels like a family gathering with feelings of haunting pasts, presents and futures… I like how you used the image of the tin man, expressing a pain of wanting a heart, or perhaps the tin man is the heart feelings these emotions in loneliness, isolations and misunderstandings of the people who are supposed to know you the best, family.

    In the spirit of family affairs and disfunctions have a wonderful turkey day! 🙂

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