Planet Red

Our Days were always numbered from the Beginning it seemed

With Nothing Everlasting foreseen even in our Wildest Dreams,

A Breathe of Fresh Self Esteem with an Air of the Supreme, what did it all mean?


We never cared to ask, because to ask was to momentarily return Behind the Mask

Hidden from Each Other with a Laugh never Betraying Dark Tales from the Past,

But why would the Lost Find Need to Fear Chance?


Those whose Hearts are Endlessly Bleeding give no Certain Reason

Like Love Struck Demons left seething

 From repeating unpleasing Mercy Actions at the Height of Hunting Season,

Is it a Wonder then that I find her Redeeming?

Leaving me Bleeding from the Agony of a Naturally Sweet Feeling?


I have Nothing left of Her except Images of what I thought She was:

A Rain Queen, A Scarlet Temptress seemingly Descended from Above,

How did she manage to make my Bronze Skin Buzz?


Haunted by her Laughter, an Orchestra of Disaster, the Music to my Madness

With nothing to look after, I’m Falling Faster, the Thrill is Fabulous,

But who will document my Sadness?


Living by the Word, she is a Woman of a Girl, with Eyes as Beautiful as Pearls

Looking into them made me feel like I knew exactly why Planets Turned,

What possessed this Lioness with a Playful Spirit that Burned as she slyly purred?


I’m but a Fool with no Knowledge of the Usual, a Victim of my own Obtuse Refusal,

But somehow my daftness always gained her endearing approval

Or did I miss something crucial?


I’d rather not know for I am Too Deep now

Lavishing in the Extraordinary, wanting never to be found,

Is that me pretending not to hear the Sound?

Of all those Echoing Voices asking me how?


My menace awakened asking me where did she go

Not able to answer, still mesmerised by how her Thick Ebony Dreadlocks flowed,

Was it really possible that I once glimpsed her Soul?


I feel like I’m living in her world only without her

Somewhere there, but not quite, like enjoying the View of a Mountain,

Could my Youth be returning to the Fountain?


Everyday and every night I’ll send her this Message:

You were a Moment, you are Forever, you will be a Timely Blessing,

My only question is: Does She Have Any Confessions?


4 responses to “Planet Red

  1. haunted by the past and present,
    it’s still lingering inside you.
    You ask and yet you don’t care to know, confusing and respectable.

    I love this: Could my Youth be returning to the Fountain?

    The last stance really stirs some emotions in me….does she have any confessions? Like there is something you know — and she knows that isn’t being said.

  2. I think she knows but was not brave enough to admit it. The problem was her religion wouldn’t allow her to get intimate with anybody especially a heathen like me, so instead she pretended to herself and I somehwat suffered for it. but I am a poet and my fate is to suffer the joys and pains of love…

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