Four Dark Seasons

Escape from a spring tides blossoming stench

A wrench, drenched in evil so foul

Mood could turn the world backwards and make civil men go wild,

But how is just nobody’s reason to find

A way, a fortune a meaning to life

Just something to make us all give enough to make kindness a style,

Tortured and un-tuned to nature’s way of telling

His message was scripted with vengeance’s best wishes

For merriment was never prescribed or described to this monster of a child,

Talented with sadistic charm that could nourish a virgin

His hurting was only the beginning of a melancholic cycle

That would bleed his tainted existence dry of everything he felt inside,


Naked and unseen summer suppressed his screams

From the fringes of sanity he watched women make men happy

It would seem that the season’s gaieties would elude him till the day that he died,

At the mercy of the heat he felt like a prisoner

As the sun pressed insidiously down on his skin

Darkened his disposition was to fester and become remorse personified,

The makings of a villain to menace planet earth

The tragedy of one having to seek his own justice

Twisted like a conniving wolf’s intestines his thoughts focused when he cried,

More time brought a hunger that was beastly

Watching the stars by night sharpened his malignant instincts

Until no creature on the surface could look into his crimson eyes so vile,


An autumn coolness would occasionally influence his reason

Gripped by an eerie sense of forgiving he could be most forthcoming

When trees became bare and nature hardened, his own agony would make him blind,

Without the burn, sensations mellowed to orange

Tainted his rot would rot itself till it felt like nourishment

So surreal, the internal turbulence would seem to stand still so he could sigh,

For days on end he would contemplate forgetting what he knew

Life could become lives if he believed otherwise

Sadness could melt against the bleeding sunset of days left behind,


When darkness engulfs all in the dead heart of winter

His wounds would sing a melody that reverberated through his being

Freeing him of all doubt the cold gave him comfort so his conviction intensified,

Stone-eyed, justified, pure he blossomed

A seed that was never meant to flower

Gave of himself intensely with each breathe, before he died.



6 responses to “Four Dark Seasons

  1. wow this is one intense poem!

    Spring, with such an ugly insanity oozing from this season. Causing men to go crazy, almost enjoying in their pain for no reason, just to feel the pleasure of watching another one suffer. The essense of this villain’s own suffering is surely sympathized with (at least with me). I can relate to life’s tourturous, hardened roads that cause this pain and maddness inside. It resides in all of us (I think). the ability to never really be happy and use the virgin’s lust, the innoscent’s trust to use and abuse until the “monster child” is so numb from his own self inflicted pain onto others — and it continues through out his life,almost like a demonistic-life tale.

    Summer a time of purging, abstinance of love and watching as life drifts by — showing him all of the lovely things in life passing him by. But this pain and isolation brought him remorse of sorts and self awareness of his past — which then in turn caused his demonistic eyes to take over once agian. Once his paralysis of sorts in abstinance wore off his hunger for the virgin once again returned with great need and instincts.

    Fall brought thoughts and possible hope back to his soul, if only he could continue to lie until he believed and some times he did.

    Winter was a time of awakening for this being. The cold killed off his evil soul and the art of giving till there was nothing else to give became his purpose until his death. He justified his life which was supported by his pain of the past, but his life story supported this lonliness and angst and pain– which in turn brought a new being into this old soul shortly before dying. He was reborn as a kindred spirit of sorts, resorting to goodness and good faith — blossoming in his own flower.

    I loved this, what a dark tale turned light- this has so much substance I could not capture all of it, but the energy here is amazing and very dramatic, yet completely understanding (i hope that doesn’t make me a diabolic being) 😉

    • Hey Bella

      Yeah this is a really intense poem written at a really intense period of my life (I actually do not remember what caused the agony). I also do not think you are diabolical for understanding the essence of the poem. What I do remember when I wrote it was that I was really angry, sad and near boiling point and I didn’t know what to do. I had never written a poem which was truly negative or at least honest to my negative emotions because I was always afraid of penning down the negative emotions almost as if that would make them stay forever. With this poem I decided I do not care and all I wanted to achieve was recognising the hurt and pain I felt. I told myself not to censor it. Well, this was the result and it made me cry tears of joy to see that something so beautiful could come out of my negative emotions. Winter has always been my favourite season and that is why things seem to get better in the poem when I discuss winter while at the same time I wanted to bring out positive ideas about winter contrary to popular belief. I’m strange like that. I knew you would relate to this though. Thanks for reading it!

  2. I truly happy when I found this post while reading this poem I feel the robust feeling inside of the lines well maybe because it is what I feel now… after reading this I feel fine thank u for sharing…

  3. I’m glad my words could relate to what you are experiencing. This is what I love about poetry, the fact that it can be timeless, read over and over again and related to on different levels each time. I send positive thoughts your way during this time of hardship friend…

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