The Leaves of Life

How pleasant a day that breathes a gentleness like fallen leaves,

Scattered on the wet ground with no responsibilities,

How pleasant the ways we believe make a difference to our dreams,

Scattered along the spectrum from the possible to the impossibilities,

The Leaves of Life

Everything in a day is as it is they say,

Just precisely accurate and as disorderly as it feels,

Everything in way is to be taken as play,

Just simply imaginative and as naive as it appeals,

Dead or Alive

There is no measure of what it is that constitutes absolute bliss,

Whether feigned or experienced it makes no difference,

There is no measure that denies that lies exist or truth is a myth,

Whether explained or denied seriously with insistence,

Each soul is the ghost of its future bringing hope sooner,

Dead or alive each day is its own,

Each soul is the ultimate chooser living its life as the ruler,

Dead or alive setting its own tone.


Each Soul is the Ghost of its Future


13 responses to “The Leaves of Life

  1. “Everything in a day is as it is they say,
    Just precisely accurate and as disorderly as it feels,”

    I love this so much! Disorderly as it is what it is….the chaos and uncertainty of life…beautiful!

      • yes it is hard to decide when to listen to your own emotions and when to listen to society’s norms….such a ticky balance, one that I have always struggled with, I tend to go with my feelings, intuition more than the norms — but then sometimes I catch myself listening to the norms especially when I am around people who I want them to think “I have it all together” haha!

        that’s a laugh, eh?

  2. It is, but I guess it is something we all experience since society has an all seeing eye that is self regulating. the crazy thing is that we are probably more critical of ourselves than society will ever be and I guess it is only that way because of society – hence the self regulating system. You strike me as somebody who doesn’t fear revealing their feelings and one who understands them better than she thinks. I find that I tend to think about feelings rather than trusting their random and unpredicatable nature. That’s why sometimes I wonder if my poems have feeling and warmth in them or if they are just intellectually constructed with a certain logic that defies the flow and openness that real emotion demands. Of course this is all about me being critical of myself and thus exposing my humanness. It’s a crazy and lovely cycle…

  3. I read your poems with intense feelings (of perhaps that is just me) but your words possess emotions very deep, perhaps deeper than your ego can fathom….those words come from a place within and the only reason why you choose those words is out of emotions, either intentionally or unintentionally. If you wrote a certain word at first and then later went back and changed it, those are still feelings, either feelings of self regulation or ones of deep emotion and thought (of those emotions)

    “You strike me as somebody who doesn’t fear revealing their feelings and one who understands them better than she thinks.”

    I thank you for that compliment (i am taking it as one, at least) it means a lot to me….I try to let me feelings show, here more, than in person (self-regulator) — I was told once that i wore my heart on my sleeve and I took offense to it at first, maybe because the person that said it to me also added I acted like a child, which I do not believe to be that true, but then again, sometimes I do. πŸ˜‰ So maybe they were right – but the context in which it was used was very demeaning and an insult to me on a personal level.

    I think I understand feelings very much so, but sometimes have a hard time expressing them if I feel as though I will be judged (either as a child, an emotional wreck and/or unstable individual)

    It’s too bad that we as humans cannot let go of our own judgements of our selves as well as one another’s emotions — I for one enjoy seeing people open up to me, expressing their feelings, – it can sometimes be scary (mostly feelings of anger — but more so I have a problem with yelling– it seems to really agitate my sences and aura, I think it is a sensory dysfunction- kind of like autism- where loud noises tend to drive me up a wall)

    Sorry for this rambling of nonsence but I couldn’t help it πŸ˜€

    Good luck with the non-self regulating this weekend, have you cried with your lover yet? (maybe that was too personal, but felt as an “emotional teacher” of sorts – I would ask to see if your homework was being done) hehe– no need to answer that one.


    Love and light my friend.

    • I did mean what I said as a compliment. I have realised that wherever I go I seem to attract spiritual teachers in the form of people who are more emotionally aware than I am and they teach me more about emotions so that I am better equipped in my relationships. Thank you for helping me see the emotions in what I write, it really means alot. While I feel I have been educated I still cannot say I have learnt enough to be able to open up or cry in front of my girlfriend. I guess the opportunity hasn’t come up yet since we live in different countries and we hadn’t seen each other in seven months before now. It is all happiness right now but be assured when i do eventually cry in front of her you will be the first to know. enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

      • Well good luck with and enjoy her company when she is around…I understand the long distance thing…it can be very lonely and hard sometimes, but when you see each other again, it’s such a joyous feelings. πŸ™‚

        I will most indeed enjoy my weekend, for I will be spending it with my love and I’m very very exicted to see him! πŸ™‚

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