Words of a Man

Once upon a time in wonderland

A man without a tale found need to hold his tongue with his hand,

Wishing for nothing it was rather sad

For what he needed and what he didn’t want couldn’t make him glad.

His gaping mouth was full of words

Some so chunky and indigestible they made his speech unheard and absurd,

Together with an empty head that was a concern

For how did he ever expect to get his turn if he never learned?

Perhaps his strength was just that very denial

That gave him an asinine temperament that made him accept his fate with a smile,

Perhaps with that crooked reasoning he had perfected a style

That ensured if he ever fell on his head he would have nothing to lose in his profile.

With a personality like a sieve he could hardly contain his composure

Leaking moral fibre and with holes in his soul he severely lacked in reality exposure,

What a Man, what can one say, what a way to draw a cold shoulder

If this man recognized war he would probably not be a very loyal soldier.

Marching handsomely in a direction of his own

Tripping over his own footsteps he hears melodies whenever he is alone,

An un-coddled geezer who’s picked many a bone

 Ridiculously young in age, and yet behaving as insanely old as a toad.


5 responses to “Words of a Man

  1. great description of a soilder marching to his own drum, but never realizing the isolation of his own desires — I love how the poet here noticed the sadness in “wishing for nothing” in hopes to prevent himself from getting hurt. Great work.

    • I sometimes feel like you see right through the looking glass of my poetry and see me peering through from the engine room. you really are attuned to poetry and feelings. I enjoy reading your comments to my work. Thanks.

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