Gentle Wings

Gentle winds, gentle wings

Gentle wings on gentle winds,

Floating high above watching the size of life

Unfolding ever flowing like the vastness of open minds,

Landscapes of many colours, below abound with thoughts of others

Dancing intrinsically with a nature that yearns to be discovered,

From a blind eye’s view, real beauty is perceived by a few,

Begging for attention like a perfect tune always on cue.

Little things, people think

Who thinks about the little things?

In a world where greatness is an over elaborated ideal

The interconnectedness of the trivial is ignored in a waffle of the righteous,

Thoughts upon thoughts create planes of continuously arable surfaces

Harvested season after season for ideology building purposes,

Kingdoms with no kings, oppress their women with rings

At a loss for words, the living accept that death lives.

Gentle beings, feeling free

Feeling free is all about gently being,

Of the Earth and its waters, breathing the air to light fires

Captured in the remoteness that brings absolute knowing through silence,
With virtues solid like mountains and wisdom pouring out like waterfalls

The greenery is nurtured by emotional veins of the dreams of us all,

Waking day and night, praying in darkness and in the light

Sometimes forgetting that things are actually,

Quite all right…


4 responses to “Gentle Wings

  1. This is lovely… especially: “The greenery is nurtured by emotional veins of the dreams of us all,”

    how we all need to be nurtured with emotions and dreams…those virtues and that wisdom that we all carry with us would be only verbs, if it wasn’t for those viens of life giving birth to us all.

    Great illustration of earth and life. Beautiful job!

  2. “dancing intrinsically with a nature that yearns to be discovered” – this is a brilliant line! Such a poignant depiction of all the layers of life and humanity with all its hopes and dreams…well done.

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