Going Away Home

I have touched this place, this hive of memories, this network

Where dreams were made and broken and breathed again.


I have felt here, felt the ground shake beneath my feet, felt alone

Here where people have come and gone and shared with me.


It all began here, began without a title, began like a thief’s epiphany

Unplanned and yet so calculated like the consequences of risk.


It has all happened, all of it with a mystery, all exactly as it should,

From within it has seemed like an endless film rolling.


Eternity never felt so free, free from confines, free to not be forever

Going back with a new perspective I now see in many ways.


They have never known me, those who most know me, know me not

Going away brought understanding crystal clear but also blurred.


They have all changed, I have changed, even change has changed

The heart leaves footprints that the mind follows towards destiny.


I wake up to lessons, wake up with questions, wake up with confessions,

Here my guilt and shame no longer fit and no longer matter.


I am home, home within, home without

I never left but I have seen other sides.



3 responses to “Going Away Home

  1. “Here my guilt and shame no longer fit and no longer matter.”
    SO TRUE!!!

    May you please be so kind to visit my blog? I will look forward to your comments.
    Thank you

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